The day before yesterday?

A week ago.

A month ago.

A year ago?

Who am I kidding, it’s been a long time coming. I’m sort of surprised that I created this little spot but the synchronizations (is that even a word?) of life aren’t going to stop and for some reason, I’m called to write. So here I am.

The other day one of my best friends from childhood, Joey, wrote on Facebook about waking up between the hours of 3-5am and I made a comment of the nature of—

“I was just talking about that with someone the other day. I need to start writing about these things, maybe we should start a blog together? Jenny and Joey’s Excellent Spiritual Adventure?”

And then last night—after another day of NOT writing even though I wanted to (seriously, what gives with that?) I found myself reading a memoir about a woman who found out she was an Empath—it was a woman I found through other people I follow on Twitter and I had it sitting in my cart for a few days before pulling the trigger. It was a short read. And honestly, well…this is what I wrote on Twitter about it.

and then…

and finally…

Now I’m not even particularly speaking about “my spiritual journey” as the thing I need to write. I need to write. I need to write all the things. Keeping track of my spiritual awakening (hahahahaha, that sounds so ridiculous) is just one teeny part of who I am. But it is one I’m still dipping my toes into. I’m learning, I’m cautious. I don’t necessarily want to know more…I just want to discover how to best be my true self and at peace.

Learning more about being an empath the last year has helped, (and I have Colleen to thank for opening those doors for me…) but I have a LONG WAY TO GO. And the synchronicities and moments I’ve been having lately are too many for me to ignore. I at least want to document my crazy thoughts along the way.

I’ve been a blogger for 13 years. I have no problem sharing…I know that like all the other side blogs I’ve started (political, dating…real estate) this one too will someday be merged back into the All Things blog. But for now, I need the soft, cushion of my own space.


Well, space shared with a bestie who is also starting to discover these things about herself too.

Today on Twitter I saw another tweet by someone I started following recently speaking of numerology.

After seeing the number 66 for the 3rd time in 24 hours, I decided to do a quick Google Search, just for shits and giggles.

“Angel Number 66 is a message from your angels to put your faith and trust in the benevolence of the Universe as your daily needs are continually met. “

Hmmmm. Considering that’s the first time I decided to look up numbers, I’d have to say I like what I see.

FINALLY I’ve been a reader of the website Daily Om for years and years and years. My horoscope for today: A Strong Progression

You may find today that you are innately better able to puzzle through problems that once might have stymied you into inaction.”

Ok, ok. Three strikes, I’m out. Or should I say in. 🙂

NOT to mention at the end of the email with my horoscope this was the article attached. Open Yourself to Your Guides & Angels


Yeah. Welcome to my world.






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