This is when I really start to just question my own sanity. But when I share these things with Colleen she says “welcome to my world.”

I was working at home in the living room, typing away on the computer. The dogs were outside hanging on the porch and I had the screen door open, because it was one of those freakishly warm days in later winter.

I heard a plain as day someone call out “HELLO?”

I assumed the UPS person came up the muddy path to the front porch for some reason or our neighbor was at the door because they had something to say about the dogs barking.

I walked into the foyer, looked out to the front porch and saw two giant puppies with waggedy tails. No one anywhere in sight.

But I heard, clear, as, day… HELLO.

Not gonna lie, this freaked me out. And has never happened before.


*Aside—when I looked up the word HELLO on my FLICKR feed for a photo to include with this post, this giant toad was the photo that appeared. Random.




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