Books on the Agenda, But Why?

Because I’m going head on in this world of listening to that inner voice of mine, I went down a wee trip down the rabbit hole.

A few days ago I realized I really needed a soul play date at my beloved Barnes and Noble. Once upon a time I spent time there almost weekly, sad to say I believe it’s been over a year since I last did that. So today, while the husband went to the car show, i spent a few hours wandering the bookstore.

I had one book in mind, a biography of Joan of Arc. ALL WEEK the line from The Smiths song “Bigmouth Strikes Again” has been in my head on constant loop…

“And now I know how Joan of Arc felt, now I know how Joan of Arc felt…”

Normally, I hear songs in my head, maybe mention it on Twitter and go along my way, but this time I’m listening. To what? To my inner crazy of course, whether it makes sense or not, I’m trusting it and going for it.

  1. My maiden name—Smith.
  2. Bigmouth Strikes Again is a song I would listen to quite a bit in High School- I would often listen to it when I was beating myself up for sticking my foot in my mouth, again. One of those just shut up and listen kind of moments.
  3. Morrisey—reminds me of my friend PK from a conversation we had while playing Cards Against Humanity. “Mexicans Love Morrisey” PK passed away last year. I most certainly feel his smartass presence around me, it didn’t occur to me until now that this could also be a reason to listen…

So why that particular line? Everything I know about Joan of Arc i learned from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure—-holy crap, I just realized that’s where the name of this blog came from too! SYNCHRONICITY MUCH?

After a rather, enlightening evening the other night, I decided to just go with my gut and look up Joan of Arc on the internet. Of course this was 2am, what other time would it be?

Nothing in particular stood out. No idea why but I decided i would read a book about her, I wanted to learn more about the angels and saints she spoke with.


Hence the first book, Joan of Arc.

Now the 2nd—I honestly just went with on a whim. While at the bookstore i read E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Krout. It was a recommendation from someone i started following on Twitter recently who led me to first look up what the repeating of the number 66 meant.

A fast, good read. And the lessons in the book are basically what I’ve been doing the past month. I look forward to reading her follow up book…

While reading this book, I heard someone mention Alice in Wonderland in the distance. Colleen mentioned the book Alice in Wonderland to me the other day when I told her how I though my Gma (Alice) Smith, was one of my spirit guides.

And while it was only mentioned for the 2nd time, something struck a chord. Plus, if you can believe it, I’ve never read Alice in Wonderland.

Off I went with my books in hand.

I came home and went on Twitter to play for a while and the first profile I clicked to learn more about was this one. LW Smith.

I picked this profile because well, she has my initials and maiden name! Lynn Weber Smith, coincidence?




I guess that’s the 3rd sign.

And as if THAT wasn’t enough. Within a minute of me taking this screenshot and still sort of sitting in the disbelief of the not-coincidence of it all…

She was looking at my account too.



Yes. Seriously.


Books on the Agenda, But Why?

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