Does one listen to the whisper or wait for the 2 x 4?

This is something that is discussed amongst my peers these days. Are you brave enough to let Spirit guide you when they whisper in your ear or do you ignore it and hope that it will go away?

I think that many times people ignore that whisper…to ignore Spirit….no matter what it is telling us…we believe if we just pretend that we don’t hear it it will go away. The universe and Spirit lets us do this only for so long, until we are ready to listen and all them to take the lead. When we finally allow ourselves to be open to what Spirit is saying a whole new world unfolds in front of us.

I believe that is what Spirit allowed me to do…to ignore their guidance until they knew I was ready to listen and be guided.  I was not a very good “student” per say as I did not want to be who I was who I am. I so did not want to be who I now know I am, who I always knew I was.  I am a nature intuitive and a natural healer.

Once I  embraced that part of me and trusted to listen to that still quite voice I began to feel more at peace with myself. Now when I hear that whisper pointing me down a path I listen and follow without hesitation.  I show-up for myself everyday and have learned that sometimes I have to step off that scary cliff, that I will get knocked up against the sharp edges of the side of the cliff but my wings will appear just when I need them and I will soar higher than I ever imagined possible.

I cannot wait for all the amazing things that are coming my way.  What are you waiting for?



Does one listen to the whisper or wait for the 2 x 4?

2 thoughts on “Does one listen to the whisper or wait for the 2 x 4?

  1. I love you. And I believe this message was supposed to go right to me. I will write about that more in a bit, but I just wanted to say I’m so very proud of you. And love your writing.

    As I told Colleen, was it this morning or last night?
    “I don’t think Joey is much of a writer…not sure the blog is her thing…”

    and then you blow me away.

    Liked by 1 person

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