Spirit Guide: Alice

I really, really needed to write this post when it happened. Not several weeks later and out of the moment. The emotion isn’t there. Bah.

After reading a draft of Colleen’s book, I asked her to include more information about how she had to learn to just go with it, trust herself and her intuition when figuring out who her spirit guides are. (One is her grandfather, I was curious to know how she “knew” it was him.) As most things spiritual, you just know. You trust yourself, that inner voice that prevails about the chatter and becomes clearer and clearer the quieter your mind gets.

Of course in the beginning no one is able to just trust, it makes no sense, it sounds crazy! But after a while, it becomes second nature.

So after starting down this rabbit hole, I asked Colleen more about how I can figure out who my spirit guides are. How do I KNOW if it’s my grandma? Other then the fact that I really just think (know) it’s my grandma.


Um, ok. I’ll ask. I’ll start speaking to her…yes, this makes sense and feels right.

Or, I’ll go research on Google for a while.

Befriend Your Spirit Guide: 3 Simple Steps

Keep a look out for signs, symbols, synchronicity, and “coincidences.” These contain messages for you. (It’s true that “there is no such thing as a coincidence” inasmuch as coinciding events are always divinely orchestrated and as such always carry meaning and significance of some kind.)

You may also receive crystal clear messages from lines of songs you hear, books you read, conversations with people, discussions overheard, or even from television shows, messages that seem overlaid with heightened meaning and uncannily answer the very question you had.

Yeah, so the fact the the song “Save Me Alice Neel” is in my head isn’t just a coincidence at this moment I’m reading this article and the one line “not much has changed since I was 16” is the lyric I get stuck on———-and then get the confirmation chills. HOLY SHIT. Yep. Alice. My very best friend as a kiddo, who passed away when I was 15. I’ve said in therapy before that I feel like my life is “before gma/dad died and after gma/dad died.” I honestly feel as adult now as I did when I was 16.

The next article I read: 3 Steps to Connect With Your Spirit Guide

For example, my primary guide is Frank. Frank’s name probably isn’t Frank, and Frank could care less, I’m sure; it’s the acknowledgment of his presence in my life that matters to him.

FRANK? The example in this article is FRANK. Which is my Grandfather’s name. Frank and Alice. Enter spiritual chills as SOON as I scrolled to his name while reading.

So My Grandma Smith is mu spirit guide? Can I ask for a sign-sign that I’m heading down the right path? The examples above, yes, meaningful and coincidental. Of course the song “Save Me Alice Neel” would be in my head, that’s my Gma’s first name and I’m thinking of her… (of course that song and that line are in my head often as well, it hits close to home.)


An hour or so later, I’m NOT writing my way through this but instead scrolling on Twitter looking for new spiritual people to follow.




Ok, ok, ok. I hear ya LOUD AND CLEAR. My grandma is one of my spirit guides. I suppose I’ve known this, well, most of my life…but seeing HER NAME in front of me on Twitter right after I ask for a sign, well.


Alice Smith.

Even crazier—-Alice Smith, writer.

I’m being called to WRITE.

This some times feels like just too much. How is this happening? Or am I just going crazy and looking for things that aren’t there that I’m creating in my head?*

*THIS is a perfect example of why I needed to write this post last MONTH when it happened instead of now. I know I was freaked out at the time and overwhelmed. Just a few weeks later, nope. It is what it is.

Spirit Guide: Alice

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