What If?

What if the series of “synchronicities” I had leading up to my mom’s car accident WASN’T REALLY A SERIES OF synchronicities at all and was precognition—-knowing what was going to happen?

So many signs are there (in retrospect.)

  1. Needing to spend more time speaking to my mom. ANSWER THE PHONE.
  2. My overreaction to the episode of Nashville, where it felt like it was my very own mother dying (reliving the pain of my dad’s death as a teen…from a TV SHOW. Which ALSO was a car accident…)
  3. Writing this post with Mama Weber firmly in my mind and firmly BEING in Springville.
  4. Realizing that as I was writing that post, randomly in the middle of the day while doing Chamber work updating the website with information on the facility she is currently in and the senior center activity planner—my mom was in a car accident.
  5. Having her in Springville. After a car accident.**

**as I typed that I got the right ear DING i’ve been trying to notice when it happens, I have been feeling like that DING is an affirmation from spirit that’s saying YUP.

Things to think about. Line it up in a row and my GOSH it makes sense, I knew. I somehow knew—and didn’t realize I knew.

What If?

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