Bad Feeling? Or Something More?

So. Here it is.

Monday, April 3 — I couldn’t get the song “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” out of my head. THAT SONG is the one that my mom played on endless loop right after my dad died. Oh how I hate that song. Having this song in my head the night before, I woke up with a dark feeling of doom. Something bad.  And I had NO IDEA WHO, but the fact that the song reminded me of my mom made me think it was someone’s mom. I couldn’t shake this thought…and I really do not want this thought at all. Maybe it’s not DEATH but it’s illness, or something bad.

Tuesday, April 4th —

  • Early in the day, one of my besties messaged me Tuesday morning saying her mom had a stroke the night before and was in the hospital.
  • Later that day I saw on Facebook that someone I went to HS with mom passed away the other day. (But no, no I don’t think this had to do with my spidey sense.)
  • Later, later that afternoon while visiting my mom, I found out the night before she had her blood pressure spiking through the roof and they almost sent her to the ER.

Am I going crazy? Am I feeling, sensing, sort of kind of knowing these things in the world (especially with people close to me—-?)

I put the 2nd bullet point in this post because I was feeling that that song meant DEATH—-since well, it reminds me of DEATH. But maybe, just maybe in the Jenny Spiritual Sign Encyclopedia (which is a work in progress) hearing that song doesn’t mean death, but illness.

Something I need to be aware of in the future to see if it continues…

Also if this is true, WHY? 😦 Why did I feel/know/sense something was going to/happening with my mom or my besties mom if that is the case? I don’t want to know…sigh.

Bad Feeling? Or Something More?

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