Be Careful What You Wish For

Back in December I met with the Board President for my one year work review (even though I was only at 9 months.) At that time I was so utterly and completely fill of stress and anxiety. I had too much on my plate and not enough time and all I could feel was stress.


I was beating myself up for failing at Real Estate, not putting as much effort in as I should have. When I was hired for the Director job 9 months prior it was going to be part-time and flexible and I would be able to do Real Estate. That turned into 35 hours a week and only building up the organization I was working for instead of my own business. I was feeling rotten and disappointed in myself. I KNEW I needed to cut back hours but I didn’t know HOW. They needed me—-they need someone to put in those hours. I needed the hours—husband was still looking for work and that was the only money coming in….well, along with another paid freelance gig I picked up for 6-8 hours a week.

Guilt. I know, somewhere deep down where I don’t know why I haven’t accepted it yet—that Real Estate is the way I will be making a living. (I’m very clearly being called to WRITE but right now, real estate will be paying the bills.)

At this meeting I said that I needed to cut down to part-time, probably starting in…well, March.

Go figure. The husband got a full-time job right in the middle of February. And the first of the year happened and when looking at financials, the freelance side gig——whimpered down to 2 hours a week—-to no hours a week. And the main gig went from 35 hours to 20——–to likely 16.

Funny thing is THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I ASKED THE UNIVERSE FOR WITHOUT REALIZING. I needed my hours cut back—-to focus on Real Estate. But we also needed money—-ding ding ding—HUSBAND goes back to work full-time!

Are you kidding. Could I have written a more perfect timeline?

And then with the Husband firing me from my responsibilities I didn’t want any longer, well, everything worked out exactly as I would have dreamed it.

So tell me, why am I still not focusing on Real Estate? 😉 What am I afraid of?

When all this was happening I was freaking out still. I needed something more. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in the meantime but it had to be something. (Sort of how months ago writing for the local weekly paper came up at the exact time that I knew I needed something more to supplement my not-very-high at all paycheck—-when no commissions had been coming in.)

A position came up for an organization looking for someone to do, basically EXACTLY what I do already—for an average of about 18-20 hours a month. Attend and organize an event/meeting monthly, keep the organization running. A simple administrative position, looking for someone to work on contract FROM HOME. In a field I love and work in already. BINGO. Thank you again universe! The application deadline was set far in advance, almost five weeks! I kept tossing it about in my head, but didn’t apply. Making all those new connections and mingling and getting back into the game in the CITY—-would be amazing, and is honestly something I have missed greatly.

BUT not having a current two vehicle household might make it impossible…right now. Maybe the timing is just off. I should forget about it.

And then, my brother and sister-in-law ended up (a long story short) getting two new vehicles and offered their trusty Subaru to us at the trade-in cost.

Heck yes. Also, omg, really? (the world works in mysterious ways sometimes…we are on the verge of getting another vehicle, but the husband needed to establish income history again to get a loan…I had the income, he has the decent credit. So we needed a few more weeks, perhaps a month before it would be possible. Also, lesson to those reading—-never pay all cash for all things. One day you might need a loan and realize you have no credit history!)

So, we ended up putting “Substitute” on the road and the next day I sent in my resume for the contract position, they very last day of the deadline.

I had a quick phone interview Friday—and will be interviewing in person sometime next week.

Funny how the world works, right?


Be Careful What You Wish For

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