Husband Who Makes Me Smile

I love my husband so.

This morning I was out on the porch with a giant cup of coffee (because the SUN WAS SHINING) and petting my puppies. I grabbed my Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards from the office upstairs the night before (I haven’t used them in FOREVER, bought them back in March 2015!) and brought them on the porch with me.

Husband came outside and saw the cards on the porch and said “pull one for me.” Which I did not do, I had him pull his own, of course, but made me smile that he asked, for real asked. His card to focus on today was PASSION. Which is a card I draw all the time. My card of the day was Service. Which is the OTHER card I pull all the time.

And then tonight, I walked out in the foyer and saw the huge bright beautiful moon shining through the skylight and commented on it. Husband came around the corner and looked too and then asked, in a serious not a make fun of way “do you have all your things outside charging?” I told him I didn’t think it was the actual full moon YET (I was right that happens on Tuesday) but I smiled and thanked him for the reminder.

Aw…..he loves me.

Husband Who Makes Me Smile

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