Saturday Synchronicities

1. I don’t have my phone near me, I haven’t all day. Suddenly I’m thinking about my friend Shan, my gosh it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from her. We were in a more regular texting each other and keeping each other up-to-date pattern, but it’s been a weeks. I look at my phone after I sit down, guess who texted. With a picture of her and her new love. Out of the blue. Or—likely at the exact time I was thinking about her.

2. I blogged about my random obsession with Jackie Kennedy and the family (read a bunch about Rose, Ethel and Rosemary too.)  I go on Facebook and see that Colleen (prescheduled) and posted this quote.

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”- Rose Kennedy

Oh and it just happens to be that Colleen (and Jack) are currently in Virginia with my JOEY (who is the other J on this blog….) at her church this weekend speaking, doing readings and classes. I introduced Joey to Colleen for obvious reasons…and she had a reading with Jack when she came home to visit. Colleen is helping her (and me) on this spiritual awakening as our mentor. It’s a little odd that she is there and I’m not though, but I knew this weekend wasn’t right.

3. My friend Jenn recently messaged me about getting together (it has been FOR-EV-ER) so this evening I was looking at my schedule for the week (she has off because of school break) and I said Tues Wed (I have a class that night I want to attend near her) or Thurs might work and she suggested maybe Wednesday before or after my class. And then it hit me, MAYBE she would want to go to the class with me. Nyah. That’s silly. But maybe. Nyah. Ok, I send her the link anyhow….and it turns out she just TODAY had an experience with this exact topic. Are you kidding me? Today? First of all not that many people even know about EFT. How freaking cool is that? Thank you spirit!!! (Universe)

And it turns out, her daughter is currently doing a report on…Jackie Kennedy.

4. I blogged a bit about needing to get back into books—-especially fiction. Yesterday, I dropped off the Game of Thrones series for my mom to read. My friend Jolene let me borrow her one million audio CDS of the Outlander series and they have been sitting next to me for weeks untouched. (Which is another series Colleen has been dying to get me and the Husband into as well!) I was thinking “I really need to start Outlander…” so of course when I checked my phone a while later there was a message from Jolene saying “start listening to those Outlander CDs and let them take you away!”



Saturday Synchronicities

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