Am I Being Hit By The 2 x 4?

Because the whisper is beginning to beat me down…

Does one listen to the whisper or wait for the 2 x 4?

I started this blog for me. Of course. But alone I was not brave enough to start so I thought that by adding my friend Joey that I would feel better putting my weirdo stories that mean nothing to anyone but me out there. And Joey would read them. And Colleen would read them and eventually the words on this blog would be merged to my main blog and it would just be a part of my history.

Joey is not a blogger. But I have been doing this for fourteen years. So really, I did this for me. I remember telling my friend Jolene (who is also along on this ride with us….) that perhaps SHE would be another J on the blog since I didn’t think Joey would write often.

And of course, oF CoURSE the very next day Joey blogged. And her blog was GOOD. And it most certainly was a message I WAS MEANT TO HEAR.

Are you brave enough to let Spirit guide you when they whisper in your ear or do you ignore it and hope that it will go away?

NO! Not brave! Not really brave, well, a little tippy toe in the deep abyss brave maybe enough to start writing and sharing. NOPE. Not brave. Not ignoring anymore, but still sort of deep down wondering if it could go away. Somewhat, not all of it. Just some. ACK. (Welcome to the inside world of my head…I kid you not.)

The universe and Spirit lets us do this only for so long, until we are ready to listen and all them to take the lead. When we finally allow ourselves to be open to what Spirit is saying a whole new world unfolds in front of us.

Dammit. Grrrr. This is true. I have only been able to question and hide and second and third guess so many times until I started listening. I’m listening.

And a whole new world IS unfolding in front of me, but it feels like it is suddenly moving at warp speed. HOW DID I NEVER SEE HEAR THINK FEEL all these synchronicity before? They must have always been there, right?

Unlike my Joey, I don’t think I’ve ignored Spirit per se, I just didn’t think too much more about these things. Until Colleen came in my world. Which was obviously supposed to happen. I have felt all along that I’m the person that brings people together———but I don’t think I quite realized I would also be on this journey. DESPITE having several readings over the last twenty years with mediums telling me to pay attention to my “gifts, my intuition, my dreams…” Yeah, sure. I will. Thank you!

I do find it odd, no, not odd, timely? That this whole rabbit hole was opened after I met HWMMS and he introduced me to his friend Mario. I think Mario was one of the first people he introduced me to—-we drank mead from a Viking Horn together in a group and I didn’t think twice about it. Mario ended up marrying us. A Pagan Minister! Years later, Mario wanted to take a trip down to Lilydale with us—–and on a total, random *not really* whim, our Realtor friend Colleen went with us too. And then I introduced Joey to Colleen and Colleen introduced Jack to Joey and now, the rest is history.

Now when I hear that whisper pointing me down a path I listen and follow without hesitation.

Yep. and I have Joey to thank for this. Knowing she was taking the path made me feel like I could do it too. I have to admit I still hesitate though…Joey is light years ahead of me in the acceptance and learning path.

I cannot wait for all the amazing things that are coming my way.  What are you waiting for?

Good question. What am I waiting for? Why am I still scared?

Joey is with Colleen and Jack this weekend. I wasn’t ready to make that trip. Just like Jack and Colleen started a development group and I wasn’t ready to join (although I thought about it.) I’m working at my own pace. I’m comfortable here. I think part of the problem is i need to get out of that comfort zone once and for all…

Joey gave her first public messages this weekend. And from what I hear, she did really well. Of course she did. Jack pushed her out of her comfort zone and she soared.

Now Joey and Colleen this afternoon called me (I picked up the phone) and said it was my turn.

I just don’t know.

What if I really do have these gifts I could develop?

Am I Being Hit By The 2 x 4?

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