Chakra Level: ORANGE

I bought these Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards back in March 2015. WHAT? Two years ago and I’m just NOW starting to write/talk about these things? I know right?

Colleen was doing a lot with her Tarot cards and learning at the time and I was interested and looked into a bunch of options and this one spoke to me. Softly. Sort of like “Hello, we are only CHAKRA cards, not TAROT cards, you know you want us…give in, give in…we are the gateway card.” Laugh if you will but that’s how it felt at the time. DESPITE the fact that I visit this Tarot site on the internet ALL THE TIME. Almost daily in fact. Yeah, there’s no rhyme or reason with me sometimes.

ANYHOW, this particular deck is lovely. I enjoy pulling a card to help me focus on what is ahead that day—that week.

The one thing I find interesting is…I ALMOST ALWAYS PULL ORANGE CARDS from the deck. 9/10 times the card will be ORANGE and it will be Passion or Service (I just blogged about that yesterday in fact.)

What I discovered in my journey was that Oracle cards are about breaking patterns. They often reveal to us our path to manifesting. They are what I like to refer to as a secret set of tools that will only work in the right conditions.

The Orange or Second Chakra Cards will tap into how your feelings are guiding you or hindering you.

-What Every Tarot Reader Needs to Know About Oracle Cards

Orange. So does this mean I’m most in tune with my Sacral Chakra? Or that I need the most work on my Sacral Chakra? Or does it mean neither nor or either or?

This chakra is the emotional core.

Have you ever met someone who radiates warmth and sincere friendliness without coming on too strongly or seeming clingy? You’ve likely just encountered someone with a balanced sacral chakra. This person is open to the world around them. They have energy, compassion, grounded intuition, emotional stability and a zest for life.

-6 Ways to Balance Your Sacral Chakra

Yep, that’s me.

Just as the sacral chakra is located in the pelvic area, orange is the area of our gut feelings and wisdom. Buddhists call this “hara”, the centre of being through which we connect with the deepest voice of the self, the deepest stillness and wisdom.

Sacral Chakra Colors

Ok, this makes sense, this is where I’m at in my head most of the time.

ORANGE Physical Effects – sexuality, genital area, reproductive organs, pulse rate, gall bladder, bowel and lower intestine, food allergies, eating disorders. It aids rheumatism, arthritis and exhaustion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -The Meaning of the Color Orange

And PHYSICALLY. Yikes. Yep. That is the area I’ve been really concentrating on the past year when taking care of myself and having the most concerns and issues.

Interesting the coincidences and patterns one finds when they are paying attention, eh?

I’m on a quest for a set of Tarot cards for myself as well, but nothing has called my name yet.

Chakra Level: ORANGE

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