Hump Day Synchronicities

  1. I bitch out loud to the ladies of the Historical Society that my mom has been ignoring me today. Hasn’t called or answered my call but I spoke to Keith and he spoke to mom so I know she is ok. Five minutes later, mom calls.
  2. I went to put a date in my calendar for 4:30 and typed in 4pm—and then I thought, no, I’ll put 4:30 I know enough to leave early, I should put the actual time down. And then I get an email an hour later changing the appointment to 4pm.
  3. As I was writing this post. The lovely lady I was getting ready to cancel on messaged me on Facebook. And as I was posting that post and crying over her words to me that said this…

Stop being mean to my friend! Stop it! I’m right here. I’ll be here when things calm down. In the mean time, I’m here to talk to like this. You’ve always been an amazing friend. You just have.

She was posting this. “Take care of yourself.”

I broke into tears when I read her words to me and then again after I read what she is going through today. My heart is heavy. I do not love myself right now. But I’m going to go with the message from PK. “Take care of yourself.”

Hump Day Synchronicities

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