Things I Don’t Understand But Will Write About Anyhow


I just finished writing my last blog post…the part about having a dream about my two mentor teachers last night (one from elementary school who was pretty much the epitome of everything a teacher should be in my world and one I wanted to be like someday…) and my Political Science professor from college who instilled my love of constitutional law. I did my thesis on school choice programs and this ultimately led me to study law at UB…and then I heard this story on the news: Judge who desegregated Buffalo’s schools, dead at 95. And I had a physical feeling in my gut as I heard the words.

No. Not. No…nope. I’m completely overthinking. RIGHT? There’s no way that meant—


It IS kind of timely though. Especially since this week I was thinking how weird it was to see in the news someone I know, who I worked with, is being considered for a Federal position.

AND I’ve been pushing this all week. (Judge Curtin was involved with the Love Canal cases)

AND going with the power of three—a major part of conversation with our friend Alaska Joe last night had to do with the legalization of marijuana. It’s legal in Alaska, and just yesterday Canada introduced a bill. (Judge Curtin was all about legalization certain drugs…)

NO, of course this isn’t a prediction. How on earth would I have known? HOWEVER having all of these coincidences in my energy world the past few days? HAS ME WONDERING.

None of this makes sense. I’m just overthinking, right? (But I promised myself I would keep track of these things, no matter how crazy. I feel silly just writing it. Who am I to assume that any of these things are related? My gut told me otherwise when I heard the news. I have no idea why such a thing would be in my consciousness, IF it was.

While any one of these topics I might discuss at any given time—all three? (Federal Judge, Love Canal, Pot?) plus my dream last night with teachers? Mrs. DeJoe led me to love school…Professor Seddig led me to write my thesis on school choice programs and law school. And Judge Curtin is best known for his decisions on desegregation of public schools—-which led to school choice…

Shaking my head. File this one, alongside the others in Things I Don’t Understand But Will Write About Anyhow.

Also, someone tell me to stop. Turn the overthinking brain off.

No actually I’m not. I’m not overthinking everything. I’m finding dingdingding moments in everything. I don’t even need to think about it.


Things I Don’t Understand But Will Write About Anyhow

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