Readings from the past 

I need to find these tapes, I’m sure they are somewhere.

July 1994 was my first reading. Joey was around that Summer too. I remember being terrified, not wanting to hear from my dad but wanting to hear from my dad. I had walls WAY up during this reading and the medium tore them down, got through to my dad by bringing up my mom. She saw the photo I kept of my dad at my side, a B&W one from his days in the Army and described it to me. I knew it was him. I also remember her telling me that I would not find my partner until “much later in life” and that she didn’t see kids. IF I remember correctly, she also mentioned this person was someone in a big city, someplace huge I’ve never been…a cold, East coast city and I was doing well because I’m wearing a nice tailored winter jacket. I also might remember her saying the name Richard. Which at the time mean my High School boyfriend who I knew I would not be with (I wanted to hear the name Jay at that time…) Sigh. The other part I vividly remember about this reading was that I would be moving abruptly. Later that day Katie got an eviction notice from her summer apartment because they found out she had a cat.

Journals From The Past

Oh boy, I remember the moment I knew knew knew I had to end things with Mark…my brother and sister in law went to Lilydale for the first time and they called me to tell me about it while Mark and I were driving home after visiting Gma at the nursing home. As I listened to their experience, Mark drove quietly. After we hung up conversation began. Loaded conversation.  I knew he was an atheist and didn’t believe in anything after death, this bothered me when I imagined a future together. Someday with him over my bedside while I’m dying knowing he doesn’t believe like I did. Ugh. That conversation was always a hard one and eventually we would just sweep it back under the rug, but not that time. That time. I knew. It was over.

The power of readings. Or in the case above, readings of someone else!

I haven’t listened to the tapes in a very, very long time. I don’t know where they are at the moment, I know when I found them for that blog post I didn’t have a cassette tape player though. I need to find them. I want to relisten, with open eyes.


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