Transferring Emotions?

Going along the lines of Clair-annoyance I think Colleen and I might have stumbled upon something the other night. Is there a transferring of one emotion one person to another? As a replacement, not just FEELING the emotion? I wonde

This morning Colleen told me she felt horrible, wanted to stay in bed, no motivation to start the day—-yada, yada, yada. Basically exactly what I feel or what I have been feeling most days than not the last few weeks (month—ish) spot on. Funny thing was, I didn’t feel this way this morning. SHE DID. Was the emotion mine? Did it transfer to her?

Empaths absorb other people’s feelings and emotions like a sponge, I know this all too well, but can they actually squeeze out the emotions from another?

It seemed like I channeled my Husband the other night for certain and Colleen certainly had the same feelings I have when in the middle of a depression.

Something for me to think about.

And while on the subject of empath—-OH MY GOD. I went to dinner with a dear friend who is going through, a lot. As she was speaking—I could FEEL her feelings—intensley. I was crying with/for her.  She kept saying, don’t be sad for me and I wanted to shout I’m not sad for her—I’m HER SADNESS. Ugh. It hit hard. And as I was telling her a little bit of this, I got the spiritual chills, that confirmation from Spirit that I’m spot on. My heart…this is something I’ve always known about myself, I care deeply. But this time, I swear it was more intense. I could have been inside her while the words were flowing. It was, well. More than usual. And sad and somewhat beautiful that I can connect with someone I love in this way.

She also showed me a photo of someone she was speaking about. And as I looked at the photo, my heart—-oh my heart. I saw all the things she saw and felt all the things she felt just by that one glance. Again, another thing I’ve not experienced at that level before. I was paying attention. I also had some “moments of friendship advice….” (which is what  used to think it was….) but really think was an intuitive voice of spirit guiding me to help her…

None of these things is unusual for me, I’ve been this person all my life but putting it in the context of a spiritual awakening and paying attention and listening.

Transferring Emotions?

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