My ears are always ringing. Since I can remember…a constant ringing. I assumed it was because I had a lot of ear infections as a child (including tubes, a few times.) And ear infections as an adult. And I probably have some of a hearing loss because US SMITHS TALK REALLY LOUDLY. I honestly can’t remember not having my ears ring. I just notice it sometimes more than others and it usually “goes away.”

This past year I’ve been tweeting a lot about how MY EARS ARE RINGING SO LOUDLY and using the hashtag #tinnitus. Someone saw one of these tweets and mentioned that ear ringing can also be a sign of spiritual awakening.

Ears Ringing? It Could Mean You Have This Spiritual Skill

Why are my ears ringing?

Hmmm. I’m not completely convinced, but as in all these things…I’m listening.

I know one night I did ask spirit to STOP THE LOUD RINGING PLEASE. And it subsided a bit.

And I have been trying to see if there is any correlation to when I hear an almost DING (like hitting a triangle) above and beyond the ringing. Sometimes in my left ear, sometimes in my right. So far it’s not making total sense, I do notice in the moment what I’m thinking or doing or seeing but it really isn’t a confirmation like the spiritual chills I get. WHICH ARE ALWAYS SPOT ON (and have been for years and I never really thought much about them…)


Synchronicity? Coincidence?

I just published this post and started another and about 15 minutes into writing—-a commercial for TINNITUS RELIEF comes on the television. Huh? Ok, it is late night television but I’ve never seen nor heard of any drops advertised for ringing ears.



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