development circle

How does one choose a development circle? When is the right time? What if I’m not able to develop any of these skills? Do I choose to go to one led by my already mentor and someone who knows me inside and out? Or do I choose to try to find someone else? What if I feel like I’m being called to go meet someone else? Is that real? Do I follow? Do I wait?

I was thinking about taking mom to Lilydale for Sunday service, she’s never had a reading before and well, it would be a nice drive and a nice time and maybe someone (Jack?) would call on her and give her a message. Only Jack is going to be in Erie on Sunday not Lilydale. Colleen texted and said they would be back in town by 1pm. Or mom could get a reading from one of (and then she mentioned three different mediums.) Is one of those mediums supposed to be the person I connect with? Is that why I was feeling pulled to Sunday?

So many questions ALWAYS IN MY HEAD and no answers, just flying away on a wing and a prayer…

development circle

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