Palindrome Numbers

What on earth?

So this is the first time I’ve noticed this synchronicity. Palindrome numbers?

I wrote this post right before going to bed: Snoring Puppy.

ALSO interesting—I was thinking about posting this in the past because I blogged too many times today (and to hide it because I’m embarrassed by the last idea I wrote. I changed my mind, because I want to make sure the thought occurred on the page on the right day. I was going to put it on the 12th—which is the only day I don’t have a blog post for this month. 12th is 21st backwards I noted for some reason. And then I went to update my word count for the night so I could go to bed and well, this…

My @CampNaNoWriMo word count 35053. The same backward and forward.

TWICE. Hmmm. Coincidence that I noticed at all? Hmmmmm.

I noticed it. I wrote it down. I also noticed that it was two instances, not three. (Why three again? Because, right?)

Um yeah. No sooner did I think this—I walked into the bedroom and looked at the time and it was—wait for it, 2:22 am.

So, there’s the third.

Now what does this mean if anything? I don’t know. As in all things synchronizations I’m starting to learn it’s a lot of what YOU personally feel inside is the message. There is no right or wrong. All I now is that I noticed it. And I noticed it twice and then thought to myself (in that doubting way) that it wasn’t a message because it didn’t happen in threes—-and then BAM- there’s the third right in front of me. And at that exact moment, I know I’m supposed to be paying attention. I just don’t know WHAT.

The next few minutes I’m in bed researching palindrome number spiritual meanings and finding pretty much nothing and the following thoughts from earlier in the day are floating in my mind. I texted them to myself for later.

12. Babies. Twins. Twice. 222.

Early today, thought a baby will come into our lives…foster? Fostering one and another newborn would come?

I had the thought about the baby quite a bit yesterday and pushed it back into my mind. I also think my dreams have led me down this thought process but I haven’t been writing about it. So I can’t be sure, I just know it’s been in my consciousness.


(Can’t even make this up if I tried and I’m not gonna lie, it’s starting to freak me out that I’m thinking these things in my head days before—and then, well…)

Mom is over. She starts chatting about one of her friends (I don’t know her…) and how this friend’s daughter is “pregnant and having another baby” and considering adoption.


Her friend, who is apparently my age, has a 21 year old daughter, who gave birth to a baby boy that the friend is raising for the daughter. The baby boy is about 1 year old. Now the daughter is pregnant with another and there’s not really a good way for the friend to raise another baby and mom says that the daughter is thinking adoption, but isn’t sure.


I did plant in mom’s head the idea of my brother and sister-in-law who honestly might be at the point where they could adopt a baby (or even two…) but…well.

My brain was basically sharing this exact story with me this week and then out of nowhere mom mentions this person for the first time.


(Also, I know I said my btother, but deep down I think it is me. )


Palindrome Numbers

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