Barnes & Noble

I took my mom to Barnes & Noble today. While on my way there, I thought about looking at the tarot card options they have for sale, the last time I was there I browse right past. Maybe I would check them out today. While mom was at another part of the store I was over in the spiritual area and I picked up a book or two and once again, skimmed over the shelf with the cards. I don’t know if it is an embarrassment thing or I just didn’t really want to thing or what but I didn’t think about it, I didn’t have the money to buy today anyhow.

Mom is over in the cookbook section and she is looking for a certain book called The Chew? We can’t find it but I say I will go back over to look for her, even though she tells me never mind.  I head over to the computer to search and a sales clerk asks right before I get there if I need help finding anything, I ALMOST say yes, but then just decide to use the computer (the people who were on it right before me just left…)

I enter the search and I look to my left to find a completely random box of TAROT CARDS sitting there left by someone. REALLY? Yes, really.


Barnes & Noble

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