I’ve been hearing this song in my head the last month or so. It didn’t occur to me that there could be a reason, just another earworm.

I heard it again this afternoon at the bookstore. This was after I randomly ran into a good friend from college who I haven’t seen in forever in the parking lot, a sorority sister. (#1)

Later at Wegman’s the song American Pie came on the radio, sorority song. (#2)

Now it’s after dinner, I just dropped mom off at the home and I’m taking the windy dark road back and I decide for some weird reason to turn on the radio (the entire ride is I think 7 minutes—I’m already 4 minutes in—-no need to turn on the radio. I rarely do. But when I do it is on WBFO-NPR or Jack 92.9.

I turn on the radio and guess what song is playing—-BETTERMAN. And it’s not my normal station, it’s on 102.1. While singing along and OBVIOUSLY thinking that this song is telling me something,

I actually say out loud—is it XXX? Is that why I’m hearing this song, for her?

A friend who might be going through a tough time in her relationship right now. But the song doesn’t remind me of her. And while I’m singing along, I’m having a conversation with spirit in my head knowing it is about someone and I should figure it out. Also, this is another time I spoke out loud acknowledging and asking spirit for guidance. Hmmmmm.

Now I’m home and on the computer. I suddenly am thinking about my friend from college Kim —a sorority sister (who I am not in touch with..long story there but she was an important part of my life in college and beyond.) ACK—Betterman is her song. That song reminds me of her. As I realize this I’m thinking at the same time—she’s engaged. And I go to her Facebook page to look her up and—-she got engaged on St. Patrick’s Day and just went out this weekend to celebrate her engagement with her family. (#3)


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