Fear of the Spotlight

So I was talking to a few friends last week about my hesitancy to stand up and give messages in public.  I am not one that enjoys the spotlight and I have the most incredible critic that just loves to tell me that I am not worthy of said spotlight.  You want to know who that critic is….ME.  I constantly hear my mothers voice in my head telling me:

“It doesn’t matter what you look like cause no ones looking at you anyway.”

Thanks mom for raising me to be a confident woman!  The thought of putting myself in a position that people ARE looking at me makes my heart race and I just want to hide.  I know that public speaking is number one on the list of things that people have a fear of so I am not alone in that respect….still doesn’t make it any easier though or less intimidating.  Needless to say I am finally gaining more and more confidence with regard to standing in front of a crowd of people and sharing my thoughts…so I may be finally conquering that fear…finally.

I know I “blame” mom for the cruel words she used in my most formidable years and I was just asked to think when I am grumbling about my childhood…what was my mother’s childhood like.  I know it was a tough one and she probably heard that growing up as well, or some version of that.

My parents both came from monetarily poor families but I believe that they were both rich in love and the importance of family.  I know my grandparents, whether they were just called grandma and grandpa or just felt like that to me because of our relationship, loved my siblings and I very very much and I know the time that we spent with them throughout our lives was filled with much love and laughter.

I believe one of the lessons that I came into this life to learn was to change the view that I had as to what love, family and relationship looked like.  I know there are a lot of other lessons that I choose to learn and I am working hard at figuring them out.

What are some of the lessons that you came into the life to learn…..

Fear of the Spotlight

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