Dredging Along

I know that most of this post is coming from my mood. I dislike the muggy warm weather so much. AND the darn internet is slow as molasses today at home.

That said, every other week or so I get really upset and frustrated over my decision to go into real estate. Sometimes this is brought on by HWMMS sometimes myself. Today, not sure where it came from other then the fact that yesterday, HWMMS once again said “I should probably try to sell the Challenger” Sigh.

I haven’t blogged about this yet but when I was in a seminar around “THE ONE THING” through the brokerage I’m a part of, I realized I didn’t really have a ONE THING that was working towards when starting and moving forward with my real estate career, well, nothing specific. Having enough money to make a living isn’t a specific thing. IN CAME THE WORDS “I want to make sure HWMMS never has to sell his Challenger.”

I guess that’s my ONE THING. Making sure my husband can keep his mistress. 🙂 Which really means, giving back to him the ability to continue to live the life we have together over the past few years. I have  A LONG WAY TO GO to get to that point though, real estate wise. Then again, I’m a year and a half into this career with all buyers I’m working with in one of the tightest markets for buyers in WNY. Great timing.

So…today I was frustrated again. I noticed a friend who asked me about real estate last year, just bought a house. I know she was getting ready to look and she wanted information on maybe buying the double she was currently living in at the time. I gave her my mortgage guy and encouraged her first steps….

And then a year later she bought a house. This also happened with another person from Roller Derby. She asked me questions, I helped, ish and didn’t follow up. She bought a house, with an agent she wasn’t even fond of and asked me questions during the process.

BOTH of these people I could have helped. I should have helped. I thought I was sort of helping? But no. I’m not even a little bit assertive in this regard.

And sure there are a million agents out there, even a thousand good ones…I can’t possibly be offended or take these things personally. But today, I did, for just a moment.

I sat for a few, feeling defeated. Wondering if I should get out while, well, not ahead…even though HWMMS and I talked about it and decided I was renewing my license and giving it another 2 years. The first years are tough. And it’s not that I’m not working with people and building relationships…but the money, well, the money hasn’t followed. YET.

I NEED TO BE MORE AGGRESSIVE (yikes, interestingly enough, this statement came from my fingers through automatic writing just now, it wasn’t the train of thought I was heading for…)

In a moment of trying to figure it out. Thinking “give it up” was the way I should go, I pulled a card—-THREE OF WANDS.

Not even a little bit, give it up. In fact, polar opposite and exactly the message I get every, single time I think about my future with real estate (which is annoying, but comforting at the same time.)

From Psychic Revelation:

Introduction: When the 3 of Wands appears, you are likely to find that your finances are going much better, in fact this can be the month that your proverbial ship has come in…You may be finally experiencing some important success after you’ve been through some difficulty.

General: In general the 3 of Wands refers to work, in an extremely positive way. Give yourself some credit.

Work: When the 3 of Wands appears in the context of work, it tells us that you have a lot to be proud of regarding your work performance, even if you haven’t quite seen the rewards you would expect from this yet.

Finances: Things are looking up financially. Your hard work is already in the process of being rewarded whether you see evidence of this yet or not. You may do better financially than you had ever dreamed.

Every. Single. Time. I doubt Real Estate, I’m reminded of this same message. I don’t believe this is a coincidence. I was led to this path for a reason, I would like to believe the reason is to provide a living for my family that also enables a flexible schedule…for whatever may come next (foster children? adoption?)


My mood lifted a little after seeing this message, again. AND THEN MY FRIEND TEXTED ME saying she was not working out of town this week, but would be working from home and wanted to know if I had time to meet—to talk about her looking for a house.

Within minutes.

I’m listening…

Dredging Along

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